Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ch. 8: Obfuscate

I really like Blair, but I decided to have him move in with Beverley and Phoenix to make room for the heir's spouse and future children. Sorry, Blair.

So do you think I decided yet? Who do you think the heir will be?

Now would be a good time to show you Fulton and Garridan's Lifetime Wants. At least they both have reasonable goals. This will give them a much better chance of dying of old age. ;)

Not that it really matters, but Rose had a want to get a gold badge in robotics, and she fulfilled it.

I figured as much, but I had to try. Someday this will be a future member of the Thayer family if there's ever enough room and someone with a good aspiration & personality at the same time to initialize it.

Sometimes the place is just overrun with complaining customers. Time to send Brandi home before she sends Rose or Garridan into aspiration failure. Rose seems glad that Brandi is mad, or maybe she's just glad that Russ doesn't take any crap from her.

Meadow passed away, but since Fulton was on a date I missed knowing about it until it was too late to get a last picture of her. Meadow was an easy-going, pleasant sim. She was a good wife and mother. She achieved permaplat by reaching her LTW of becoming Education Minister. She was cute, had a cute voice, and loved to Smustle while making funny faces. I used to think she was a stuck-up brat, but she really grew on me. I will miss her.

Russ was asleep when Meadow died, and he took an aspiration hit. Thankfully he's permaplat so it doesn't matter.

Russ inherited the home business. Ackerley was Meadow's favorite child, while Beverly didn't even get a mention. Well, it's harder to keep relationships high when they don't live in the same house, and I'll admit that all the stupid "chat with" wants that only give 100 aspiration points usually go unfulfilled. Fulton and Garridan tied for Meadow's inheritance money.

So the problem with Sandy Bruty was that I was trying to have her date the wrong brother. She and Fulton have much more in common, especially since he's a romance sim.

Speaking of romance sims, I like how they are able to simultaneously attract and repel other sims. Brandi Broke is swooning and gagging over Fulton at the same time.

See, a perfect match. Feeling nauseous?

And now the time has come for Russ to join Meadow. He was a really good sim. He was a great husband and father and really easy to please. He was wonderful to Meadow, and was always the one who wanted to teach his children. He achieved permaplat status by reaching his golden anniversary. Plus, he stood his ground instead of crying when other sims tried to push him around. I will miss him.

Ackerley inherited the home business, but then he is Russ and Meadow's only child living at home. Russ was closer to his daughter Beverly than Meadow was. Fulton and Garridan received an equal amount of inheritance from Russ, too, making this heir decision harder.

Here are their graves in the backyard. They will never be facing the right way again unless I keep turning them that way. :P What's up with that?

Here is the one day I let Ackerley ride in the helicopter. I'm sure he's disappointed that I make him take a car the rest of the time. As a vain sim, I'm sure he enjoys the attention the helicopter gives him, but I can't stand listening to it and watching sims be distracted with their hands over their ears.

And here is a picture of Rose coming back from work as a tree-hugger. What does she do for 24 hours (in that skimpy outfit no less) that saves the earth and makes her so happy, yet stinky? Maybe I don't really want to know.

Speaking of Rose, the SentryBot went haywire and tried to kill everyone starting with her.

I think it also hurt Garridan pretty badly, although I didn’t actually see it happen. I sent him to fix it, and the next thing I knew he was lying on the bathroom floor with an orange plumbbob. Thankfully, he was was okay after some food and rest.

Yes, Garridan thinks Carmen Patch is hot. No, I promise I didn't let him blow bubbles during Uni. He got a 4.0 and used the college clock to finish ahead of schedule. Maybe the SentryBot fried his brain, or maybe he just needs an eye exam.

Carmen finds his jokes hilarious. It would seem a perfect match... But, alas, it is not meant to be. His heart belongs to another:

I have other plans for him than to let him marry a clone of his mother. I want to shake up the genetics a little. Marisa isn't very ugly, but I have seen her offspring get some ugly noses.

Besides, Garridan has 3 bolts for Marisa. How could I deny him someone with so much chemistry?

With 3 bolts it takes
no time at all until they are in love.

So why waste time? Jan would really like to stand right in the picture and interrupt this special occasion by complaining about a dirty plate on the dining room table, but I keep x-ing out that idea.

Finally, I am able to maneuver the camera angle just right so that I can get a picture the happy couple alone.

And then the firetruck showed up. Was it the heat of their passion? The flames of their burning love?

No, it was just Fulton setting fire to the kitchen again.

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that I went and made Garridan heir. Well...

Pucker up, buttercup. *blergh* Only Daniel Pleasant was strong enough to be a witness.

Marisa's Lifetime Want is stupid, and she's not going to get it. The main focus of this Legacy is ugly, so I'm not going to waste time away from the main lot any more than is absolutely necessary, cause this is the science lab where we try to make even more ugly, or UGG-ly. So far, no one has been to a community lot, except that I made an exception when they were on vacation at Three Lakes.

Yes, a lullaby was heard. Does this mean that Generation 4 is on the way? Is Garridan the actual, bona fide Generation 3 heir? Wouldn't you like to know?

I thought it was sweet that Russ and Meadow decided to go on a haunt together one night.

Meadow, maybe you can shed some light on this heir situation. Do you have a choice for heir?

She didn't say anything or give me any kind of sign. I guess she is as undecided as I am. Dangit.

It seems that the sentiments are split fairly evenly from what I can tell. I do have a favorite, but I'm not telling who. I thought about doing a poll, but I really don't feel like waiting around for a week or so to get the results. I know myself, and I have a very short attention span. A poll would throw off my groove. I would then go start a different project, and the UGG Legacy would be no more. As it is, I am making myself not go off and play anything else until I see this Legacy through. So anyway...

Simultaneous elderification.

Errrghhhh... sorry, but I had to put his in as proof of how badly Maxis must hate older women. Rose is "fit," so why can't she look thinner and a little less saggy? It seems that the women look so much worse than the men when they age. To see the contrast, refer back to the earlier picture when she was an adult. She wasn't even fit the last time she wore the fig leaves.

Fulton and Sandy are sitting in the car discussing the size of her bust. Silly Romance sims.

"Ron, I should tell you, most Muggles aren't exactly accustomed to seeing a flying car."

Oh, wait, this isn't Harry Potter, is it?

When the time was right and neither of them had an active fear of engagement, it was time for Fulton to pop the question.

I love this picture: Fulton sporting a red engagement ring over his head, strutting his stuff to go flirt with Sandy.

Sandy moved in, bringing us a whopping $1000. That's right, she's moving in. Could this mean that Fulton is really the heir?

Oh my gosh, LOL! This was totally unplanned, and very funny that Fulton chose the formal wear of his role-model and look-alike Gage Uglacy to get married in.

That's right. I was able to find a moment when neither of them were afraid of tying the knot. That's not an easy feat.

Do you wonder if Fulton is the heir? Do you hate me yet? LOL Are you kicking yourself now wondering how you got yourself into reading my stupid blog?

Apparently, Sandy forgot about the flying car incident a little while ago. That reminds me of the Madonna song, "Like A Virgin."

And yes, another
lullaby in the Thayer house.

Sandy also has a stupid Lifetime Want. Too bad, Sandy.

Baby pop #1.

Baby pop #2. Hey Sandy, why are you holding that guy's hand? I told you that your LTW isn't going to happen. Better watch it, sister. I'm not going to put up with any cheating.

So tune in next time to see the spawn of two of the ugliest sims. Maybe things will eventually be resolved and there will be an official heir. Or maybe not.

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ASimWen said...

Again I scream:


*ahem* now that I have that out of my system:

*covers eyes* GAD Rose! Git yer clothes on!!!!


Beepy said...

You are so right about Marissa's nose. I'm still trying to breed it out of my legacy (I may have to resort to marrying in Ben Long). I always thought she was pretty until I saw her kids.

Good luck picking an heir. It's a toss up of ugly.

Bubbs said...

Don't listen to Wen! Let us see the babies and then we can decide who the heir is based on their kids...

Kerry said...

No, no, no.

I won't scream again, that's enough.

*Very small, insistent voice which takes over your thoughts, gradually forcing you to comply with my wishes*


Bye, Meadow and Russ! You were good sims! We'll miss you!

Fairy D said...

I'm glad you are the one that has to decide and not me. The are both horrible.
Ugly update. LOL!

Melissa said...

Although Garridan is my fave, I agree with bubbs. See the kids and then decide.

Marissa's nose if terrible. She married a Gen 1 of my Prosperity. Her kids/grandkids are some of the ugliest sims in my 'hood.