Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ch. 14: Ugly Business

My apologies for taking almost 3 months to update. It doesn't seem like it's been that long.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ch. 13: Learnin' Stuff

It's time for another update of my UGG Legacy.  As you may know, Hanley won the heir poll.

Hanley Thayer
Generation 4
Scorpio 8-7-9-7-1

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ch. 12: UnPleasantview


According to the poll I have here and on LiveJournal, it looks like Hanley is the clear winner unless a lot of people come vote for Iago in the next few hours.  Adding the 2 polls together, Hanley had 18 votes, and Iago had 4 votes so far.  I won't move Hanley home until the results are official, though.  Thank you to everyone who voted! :D


So, welcome back to UnPleasantview.  Most of the pictures in this update were taken and edited about 4 years ago, although I did not write about them back then (darn!), and I don't have any idea if they're even in the correct order.  So I will do my best to just to remember the basics and get us caught up to where I can play again.  BTW, this update is cross-posted to my LiveJournal.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ch. 11: Ugly Affliction

Sometimes I surprise myself, like when I realized last night that I had already written the next chapter of the story years ago, but then didn't post it when I thought my neighborhood was gone. So, yay! I think it's pretty good for something I wrote about 4 years ago. I made some choices (killed off some sims, LOL) back then that I might not have chosen now to do now.  But, in my defense, they are townies we see all the time in everyone's game, so they're always alive somewhere. Oh, and I renamed the town UnPleasantview now, which seems much more descriptive.  Since this is still old stuff, the heir poll is still in effect until Valentine's Day, so please vote if you want to have your say for the future of the UGG Legacy.

And so this is where the story picks up again:

Saturday, January 28, 2012

UGG Legacy 4th Generation Heir

OK, I know I have a lot of nerve waiting over 4 years to continue my UGG Legacy (Uglacy).  But, I have reinstalled my game, and found that the neighborhood is surprisingly still intact (I really thought that I overwrote the data), and that I can indeed play this once more!  It's almost like a Phoenix rising from the ashes - but way uglier

What really helps is that AnyGameStarter will finally, finally work for me, opening up a whole new world of possibilities - being able to play with different amounts of cc without having to try to move a ginormous downloads folder to do it.  With an Uglacy, I feel that the less cc I use the better, as it seem to really help uglify everyone and everything.  It's too bad I was afraid and waited over 4 years to try reinstalling, but now - onward!

I have played beyond what is currently posted, but believe me when I tell you that Hanley and Iago are the clearly the ugliest sims I was able to get from Generation 4.   There is little point in putting all the possible heirs to a vote, since according to my sons and husband, these two are decidedly the ugliest.

Hanley Thayer

Hanley is the son of Garridan Thayer and Marisa Bendett.

Iago Thayer

Iago is the son of Fulton Thayer and Sandy Bruty.

There is a 3 to 1 winner in my house so far, but I'd like to do a poll here, which is up in the left top sidebar.  I'll also be putting this on LiveJournal now that I have one.  Please vote and let me know which of these will be the heir so I can finally move him home from college.  In the future, I will try not to wait so long to choose an heir. ;)