Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Ch. 4: A Rose By Any Other Name...

A Rose by any other name... would make more sense, as roses are supposed to be pretty, and this one definitely isn't. As you can see, Ackerley is the Generation 2 heir (a big surprise I'm sure, as I really built up a lot of doubt in that last chapter), and he has kissed and made up with Rose. Rose has moved in with $3000.

Beverly has moved back home temporarily, and I figured why not make her happy even though I'm bitterly disappointed in her for not being ugly. The matchmaker Madame Fuchs got her full $5000 this time, so she set Beverly up with Phoenix. They have two bolts, so there is no need to look further.

It didn't take long to for Ackerley to propose to Rose. Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder. They have two bolts for each other.

Rose did not get along well with her future sister-in-law, but Beverly was going to move out soon, so I didn't even try to make them get along.

Ackerley and Rose took a little, ahem, purple hearts spin in the car and heard the sound of a lullaby. I doubt it was the radio.

Love was definitely getting nauseatingly thick in the air with another engagement between Beverly and Phoenix.

I just plopped a wedding arch on the front lawn and got started on weddings. Only 3 sims attended the wedding of Beverly and Phoenix, although I guess I won't count Laura since she was only there on one of her scheduled rounds to kick over the trash can.

Phoenix said he was this rich: $$$, but he was not a rich sim according to the game. I think he only had $7000, so he must be either delusional or a liar. He certainly got the benefit of marrying Beverly, though, as she actually is a rich sim.

Shortly thereafter, they moved out and bought the house behind Don Lothario.

Ackerley and Rose had no guests at their ceremony, but I guess I can see why. Weddings are supposed to be beautiful.

Gen. 2 Spouse: Rose ? (forgot to check)
Aspiration: Fortune
LTW: Earn $100,000
Personality: Gemini (4-7-8-3-3)
Turn-ons: Red Hair & Good at Cleaning
Turnoff: Formal Wear

I am regretting all the cooking skill points I allowed Ackerley to acquire.

Because he loves to cook Lobster Thermidor, but he burns it more often than not. Of course, I don't ever try to stop him from eating his burnt lobster no matter how much he gags on it.

I can't wait to see what kind of genetic mutations we get to see in Generation 3.

For some weird reason, Rose feels the need to change into this hairstyle when pregnant. I didn't set it up that way, and it doesn't show up in her portrait that way either. She goes back to the ponytail when she gives birth. She does look a little less ape-like with shorter hair. I could change to this style for her permanently, but ugliness is the goal. Why try to detract from the perfection that is Rose?

The firstborn of Gen. 3 is a baby girl named Darcie. Darcie means "from the stronghold or dark one." Well, Rose is a dark one, sorta. Darcie doesn't even want to look at her mother in case the ugly is contagious.

As a toddler, Darcie looks like a little boy with her haircut. She avoids eye contact with her father, too. She seems to be the only sim so far who realizes this is an Uglacy. Ackerley carries on the tradition of his father by teaching most of the toddler skills to his children.

Nanny Calista has been with the family since Ackerley was born. She and Russ don't get along at all. They hate each other.

Every time she comes to the house they poke, slap and shove each other. All they need is Curly, and they could be the Three Stooges. Thankfully, Russ isn't very nice and doesn't feel the need go weep like a little girl when the nanny pokes him. When I get tired of the daily drama, I send Russ to take a nap.

Time for another (hopefully ugly) baby.

This is a baby boy named Evers. Evers means "wild boar." Let's hope he lives up to his name. Please be ugly, kiddo.

Darcie has more UGG-potential than her Aunt Beverly did, but time will tell.

She also got the family clean genes. She is a Scorpio (10-6-10-3-5)

Come on, kid. You can do it!

Evers looks nothing like a wild boar yet, although his mother still does. He's also a Scorpio (9-8-9-3-1).

Ackerley teaches Evers to talk while Rose realizes she is pregnant again.

Ackerley achieved his LTW to become a Media Magnate. Did you wonder what in the heck a media magnate is? I did. I looked up magnate in the dictionary and got this definition: magnate: a person of rank, power, influence, or distinction often in a specified area. I also spent a few seconds on Google, and the only names I recognized were Oprah and Ted Turner. That's where my curiosity ran out.

Rose goes into labor while Russ shows his concern for her pain by concentrating on his cheesecake.

This baby boy is named Fulton. Fulton means "from a field." It seemed close enough to "meadow" to me, and she is the grandmother.

And his cheesecake twin is named Garridan. Garridan means "you hid." I hope the ugliness will make someone want to hide. I know it's a big stretch, but work with me.

I know what this may look like, but I assure you that Beverly is not mean enough to be doing the joy buzzer prank on Darcie, she's just meeting her niece for the first time. They get along quite well.

Stinkin' cute toddler Evers grows up.

Into a stinkin' cute, un-boarlike child in pink jammies. Stupid Evers.

Fulton is less cute, and hopefully won't outgrow it. He is a Scorpio (9-7-9-8-1).

Garridan is also odd-looking, but I'm not ready to hide from him yet. Garridan is yet another Scorpio (8-7-8-7-1). That means that every one of the 3rd Generation kids are Scorpios like Ackerley.

Acklerley got this chance card.

And I can never make myself choose Ignore, so...

Poor Ackerley looks sad after the loss of his job as a Media Magnate (whatever the heck that is, it's still unclear to me). I don't really care that he got fired because he is already permaplat, and if he stays home full-time I can get rid of Nanny Calista for awhile.

And so here I will leave you... until next time, folk(s). I may be a bit presumptuous in assuming I have more than one reader. You can insert your own clever cliff-hanger here:


aquatami said...

Love your family so far. Evers is such a cuttie. Not what you wanted I know. Maybe one of the twins will mutate when they age up.

Beepy said...

Let me assure you that you do have more than one reader. I'm enjoying your legacy so far. Keep it up. It'll be interesting to see how the kids turn out.

Kerry said...

I'm enjoying the blog--just found it today, and read through in one sitting. Keep us posted! I love the "wild boar" comments and the interest in hiding from Garrigan!

lissabry said...

*whew* I have this incredible urge to sing " abba dabba honeymoon" lol at least it looks like you have a coupla choices for heir this generation :D ~Melissa

Melissa said...

I'm enjoying your legacy so far. I like your name choices and how you pick them based on the meaning. Do you use a website or a book?

Twoflower said...

Thanks everybody for commenting. It means a great deal :) I'm having a lot of fun with this family, but blogging it makes it even more fun.

LOL lissabry. I hadn't thought thought of that song, but it fits. ;)

Melissa, I use a couple of baby name books I picked up secondhand, plus I also use Behind the Name

ASimWen said...

Heh looks like one of the twins has a chance of being the Fugly

Bubbs said...

Ackerley and Rose had no guests at their ceremony, but I guess I can see why. Weddings are supposed to be beautiful.
- aww, how sad.

We need a side view of these kids! We need to see their lack of a nose.

Fairy D said...

I am really enjoying this UGG Legacy. It looks like you have a couple of potential UGG this gen.