Thursday, December 6, 2007

Ch. 9 The Heirship Is Up in the Air

I apologize for the lack of updates. My unreliable internet connection has made blogging very difficult. I finally got a modem upgrade a few days ago, and so far things are much better.

Now back to the ugliness if you dare look...

Winter is a time of fertility... at least it is here at the Thayer house. Both Marisa and Sandy are expecting. I could never pick an heir for Generation 3 between Fulton and Garridan. They were just so flipping ugly -- each in his own special way. So I decided I will pick the ugliest heir of the 4th Generation. Fulton and Garridan will share the title of heir until such a time as I have decided on the ugliest of their children.

"Booga, Booga!" Meadow must be trying to send Fulton a message to eat more fruit.

Somehow I doubt regularity is a problem for Fulton at the moment.

Meadow still loves her bed. However, I'm sure Ackerley and Rose would prefer that she not walk through them like that.

Russ is happy with his bed, even though it's not really his bed -- just an upstairs one he got away with sleeping in sometimes. But who am I to argue as long as he is a happy ghost.

Mortimer never tires of shoving around the peeping-toms at the Thayer house. At least Ackerley doesn't cry like a little girl.

There really seems to be no reason to peep at Mortimer when we have so much skin here. Sandy loves her undies and parades them at every possible opportunity. As you can see, there's a lot of waddling parades now.

Speaking of undies, Marisa is also fond of showing off hers as well. This picture is not for the faint of heart, and possibly crosses some serious boundaries of decorum. And that's not to mention that it looks physically impossible to dance like that while that pregnant.

Hey, all I do is report what happens. I can only control so much of what these stupid sims decide to do.

Katy sitting over there on the couch shows impressive restraint by keep her head and eyes facing forward instead of gawking at the ugly spectacle before her..

Nice. Now I see that my sims not only make lobster thermidor for themselves, but are serving complimentary lobster to the customers. Sims have no business sense whatsoever.

Alvin Futa didn't seem to mind eating free lobster with 2 nearly naked ladies. As you can see, he's trying to get an even closer eyeful of Sandy's nether regions. Hey Alvin, eyes on the lobster you underage perv!

Pains from all that dirty dancing? I wish. But it's time for a potentially ugly addition to the Thayer family. Ackerley is trying to remember what he should do. Panicking is generally what sims do (unless they're busy making the bed), so he's doing just fine. Sometimes people want to boil water, for whatever reason, but sims don't have that option in their menus.

Soon there was a whole line-up of sims who didn't know what to do, putting up their hands and looking skyward -- possibly beseeching me for an answer to the question of the meaning of life. Garridan is hiding behind his dad for safety. He's heard the stories of women in labor sometimes being violent.

"Woo-hoo, may I have your attention please? Now that everyone is present and accounted for, this meeting will now commence. First up on the agenda: This his hurts like hell! That, and I think it's here! Is anyone taking minutes? Where's Garridan? He did this to me!"

But soon the meeting was adjourned, and Marisa was only thinking of how beautiful her baby boy Hanley is. Hanley means "of the high meadow."

Have you ever seen a really ugly mutt? You know that they all start out as adorable puppies, which is why people adore puppies. It's just when they grow up that you know what they really look like. Babies in the sims are like that.

As soon as he's born, Sandy tries to swipe Hanley. Her plan is to claim him as her own so she doesn't have to go through the labor process herself.

Of course, her plan didn't work. Fulton is definitely feeling a bit of hostility from Sandy. He's going to go away to a safe distance now and assume the skyward-looking position with his hands in the air.

Soon Sandy's pain is over and she holds little Iago, another beautiful baby boy who is probably doomed to be at least as ugly as his parents. Iago is the villain in Shakespeare's play Othello. Let's hope he turns out to be villainously ugly.

So we finally break tradition by having a cake for Hanley's toddler birthday. Of course, it was glitchy and didn't work. Thankfully, I have the baby controller from MATY to grow up babies when they get glitched.

Here is Hanley. He appears to have some major potential in the lip department.

And now let's see how Iago looks. He's already ripping his father's heart right out of his chest.

He's a little cue ball with lips. He looks like he will have big cheeks as well.

Ackerley does not look pleased with me for having him retire. Poor General Thayer, I know he was upset enough over losing his helicopter ride when I made him drive his car to work. Now he will have to give up the uniform too.

But Ackerley is a really good grandfather just like his father Russ was. He always rolls up the toddler-training wants.

Before I knew it, the twins had learned all their skills and were ready to become children.

I love it when they are synchronized...

More and more I'm seeing that except for their red hair they, they look exactly like their fathers did. This doesn't help me at all, boys!

Hanley looks thrilled to be getting lessons in lying from his grandpa. Hey, it least it doesn't give kids a shock. Actually, I was pretty disappointed that it doesn't. ;)

Hanley's smart milk wore off which is why he's getting extra tutoring. Iago is still extra smart, so he skills alone. Hanley is actually using the punching bag too. He is taking advantage of the extra-cool glitch that allows you to be trained on multiple career rewards at the same time.

If you don't know about this, it's worth learning. If you have a very skilled sim and several career rewards, have the sim wanting to learn "ask for lesson" from the skilled sim. Then when the blue learning meter is over their head, have them "ask for lesson" again. It can be on the same career reward or a different one. They will continue learning the first thing while starting to learn another. Do this several times, and your sim will learn at a very rapid rate.

And now the twins do a synchronized spin into teens. Will there be an obvious uglier twin?

Tune in next time to see the ugly and follow the further ugly adventures of the Thayer's UGG Legacy. Thanks for reading. :)

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ASimWen said...

GAAHHH!!! What a cliff hanger!!!! *chewing nails* Heh.....

Bubbs said...

WHAT??? No teen pic! How can we help you decide the heir??? ARRGH!!

Let them have another kid!! :)

Loved the update.

Galena said...

No I need to see the teen pictures. If only I could give you an ugly sim, I got an reeaaalllly ugly gardener today.

aquatami said...

Is it just me or did it look like Marissa was about to have an 'Alien' moment? I could almost see the baby bursting forth all on it's own.

Stopping at the teen twirl is just cruel. Cruel I say.

Kerry said...

Oh, those dancing pictures were just, just, just...there are no words.

Who will be the heir? Now you are dragging the uncertainty out for TWO GENERATIONS!!! This is wrong! This is unfair! Blog readers, unite--we demand an heir! Heir! Heir! Heir.....

(chanting dies off into the distance....)

Twoflower said...

So you guys don't have to hurt me, LOL, I have decided that I will have a poll for the heir of Gen. 4 as soon as my blogging catches up with what I've played so far. I think there's a way to set one up on blogspot, and I will also put it on the Boolprop forum.

Now you all will just have to be patient a little while. I have more blogging to do -- I'm not going to say how much, but I'll try not to drag it out too long. ;)

Beepy said...

Oooh, I can't wait to see these two as teens. Come on ugly!