Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ch. 7 Face It, They're Ugly

Have I mentioned how much I love the SentryBot? Gosh, I love it! I bought several tempting gnomes just so I could watch the constant zapping.

Fulton reached his teens, and I must say I am impressed, or at least I was impressed until he did this to me:

He rolled the Pleasure aspiration. I hate trying to keep Pleasure sims happy. They're always wanting to do something pointless and/or stupid for 500 aspiration points.

Meadow's face is frozen in that horrible expression again with her tooth coming through her cheek. I think it must be a frozen look of horror at the sight of her youngest grandchild. Hooray, he's grotesque!

At least Garridan is a Fortune sim, which is a good aspiration. It ties with Knowledge as my favorite aspiration to play because it's usually not too tedious to earn aspiration points.

I wasted no time getting them to Uni, as they had enough scholarship money to pay their fair share of the rent. Fulton and Garridan moved into a rental house with their brother Evers and their sister Darcie. As you can see, the young adult stage is even uglier than the teen stage. Hooray again!

Evers actually looks really decent again when you put him next to his little brothers.

Here is a better, er closer view of Fulton so you can really see the damage. I'm so pleased with how both the twins turned out. Fulton definitely gives Gage Uglacy a run for his money. They could be brothers.

The twins are not only the ugliest so far, but they're the meanest. They're always hurting each other playing "punch me-punch you" and when playing catch. I am loving Garridan's look in this picture.

The Gen. 3 Thayer family invited over Uncle Chesley who is the placeholder at the UGG Greek house so that they can ask him to join. Evers was friends with Uncle Chesley and was invited to join right away. Evers invited the others over to the Greek house and asked them to pledge, and then he just kept inviting them back until they could be moved in.

The twins' big sister Darcie isn't pretty, but she hasn't begun to approach the degree of ugly that her twin brothers did. However, this guy is one I can keep in mind if I get a female heir.

Darcie fell in love with Skylar. For now Darcie and Evers will be joint placeholders for the Greek house, but eventually I may let her marry Skylar.

Fulton broke the computer and got a lecture from his perfectionist big brother Evers.

Since it broke at night and they needed the computer for term papers, I had Fulton fix it. He does have a few mechanical points. He was successful, but I can't say whether it was because the llama dude was cheering him on or in spite of it.

Another regular visitor was Bubble Tester Dude. He came by once to test the quality of their bubbles. He only visited once, but I'm pretty sure he never left, and was still there after the twins graduated. I'm sure he'll still be there when their children go to University providing his valuable service in quality testing. It isn't like it matters that much anyway, since my sims aren't allowed to blow bubbles unless it gives them aspiration points or they sneak away to the bubble blower. I only keep the stupid thing so they'll stop clogging their wants panel with "buy a bubble blower."

Looking for Godzilla?

Garridan just likes to make this face. He doesn't have to have a reason.

Poor Garridan fell victim to all the free pizza at the Greek house. Now he'll have to work out.

Our former placeholder Uncle Chesley was finally allowed to graduate. He has a large nose, but other than that he had too much Meadow in him to have competed with his brother Ackerley who ended up being Gen. 2 heir.

Chesley had the laid-back island attitude about life. Life is a pajama party for him, as that's what he wore to most Uni activities when he wasn't wearing his Hawaiian headband and bowling shirt. I think this is the first time I've seen a sim go home in pajamas. He's going to move in with his sister Beverly.

Of all sims, Fulton got Heather Huffington for a date, and they actually had chemistry. It's mind-boggling.

On their second date, he got his first kiss from her. What is she thinking?

At the end of Fulton's sophomore year I decided to re-roll his aspiration, and he got Romance. To me, that is just as bad as Pleasure, but it does make him even more like Gage. I guess Gage must be his role model.

Of course Heather has no hope of joining the Legacy for more reasons than I care to list, even if she did have money.

This has to be one of my favorite pictures so far in this Legacy. I did edit the picture from a large screenshot, but I promise that is what she said and the look she made when Fulton asked her about her skills.

Fulton doesn't care one iota about her money or her skills, and he figures there's at least one more thing that she's good at besides kissing.

And he really wants to take things to the next level. Oh, but too bad for him. I'm not inclined to let him have his way with her. I know, I'm so mean.

For $5000, Garridan was able to get a blind date with a Twikki Islander named Carla Reamon.

She looks as if she may meet the qualifications. (ugly) They had good chemistry and a good date. Sadly, when she was invited to come as a houseguest to visit, my game was on triple speed and she didn't get greeted.

I tried to make it up to Garridan by having him invite over Sandy Bruty. He had a 90 daily relationship with her, but it still wasn't enough for her. It's a good thing he didn't ask her on a date.

This is Fulton aged to adult and about to get it the taxi to head back to Pleasantview. That's right, he is finished at University.

And here is Garridan, also graduated and ready to go home. Evers and Darcie will stay at the Greek house until the next generation arrives.

And here they are back home. I'm not really sure what Garridan's deal is with the kimono, but whatever. He can wear what he wants.

One of the first things they do is set fire to the kitchen, but they're more concerned about countertop space at the moment.

And so do you think I'm any closer to making a decision about the heir? I will have to decide sometime, won't I? Tune in next time to see what my solution will be.

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ASimWen said...


Kerry said...

No! Never! It must be Garridan! Must! *stomps feet and chants*

Twoflower said...

I know, I know! They're both so flippin' ugly! Whatever shall I do? ;)

SassyTeffie said...

I vote for Fulton!

Melissa said...

And I told you in the last post that I was voting for Garridan. I'm keeping that although Fulton's face did explode. So you have a tie. Whatever will you do? ;P

lissabry said...

zoinks! they are bothe reeeeeeeally ugly but Garridan (eek) if he were to spawn with fellow fish-lipped sim Carls they may have a baby lip! So if there is a vote I would have to vote for garridan.. although huge lips and no cheeks would be a frightening combo too....I cant wait to see what you decide to do LOL ~Melissa

Bubbs said...

How will you pick out of these two? They are both pretty interesting. One has the facial structure thing going and the other has those lips...

Heather looks like a college Meadow....

Beepy said...

Wow, what a tough choice. I'd have to go with Fulton because that bone structure is pretty unique. But I won't be at all disappointed if Garridan wins because he's running on maximum ugly as well.

By the way, I love the picture of Heather and Fulton. She looks so romantically in love and he looks so sleazy.

Fairy D said...

Very tough choice. They are so ugly. I think I am going to have to go with Garridan.

jungfrun68 said...

I don't know what happened to Evers - he's gorgeous!!

Twoflower said...

I think Evers got lucky in the genetic lottery. The odds were not in his favor. ;)