Monday, November 5, 2007

Intro: Another New Legacy (because I can't start too many)

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My UGG Legacy is an "Uglacy", an idea started by the brilliant Candi020765 who wrote the must-read Uglacy and Prettacy Legacy stories. In 10 generations I would like to see how ugly I can get Meadow's descendants to be. Love her or hate her, if you play The Sims 2, chances are she has broken the heart of at least one of your teen sims. Hopefully I will be able to breed in the worst Maxis/EAaxis-template traits and by generation 10 you will really be able to say, "UGG!"

My wonderful husband just bought me a brand new computer (Dell Inspiron 530 if you care to know), so I have not yet cluttered it up with a ton of custom content. I'm thinking for this legacy I will leave out most of the CC, since it is an Uglacy. It would seem contradictory to add pretty face replacement templates, skins, eyes, hair, clothes -- you get the idea.

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