Monday, December 10, 2007

Ch. 10: Lean, Mean and Green

Just to let you know, there will soon be a poll for the heir of Generation 4 -- as soon as my blogging has caught up to that part of the story, that is. Bear with me a little longer if you can. Soon you can help put the madness to an end by helping me decide who is the ugliest - a spawn of Fulton or a spawn of Garridan.

Back to our story: Joe Carr is here to introduce Chapter 10.

Uh, Joe?

"Oh, um... what?"

Just kidding, Joe. Go back to your smustling attempt. After all, it is costing you $27 an hour. Make the most of that, LOL.

Sims are so gullible.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Ch. 9 The Heirship Is Up in the Air

I apologize for the lack of updates. My unreliable internet connection has made blogging very difficult. I finally got a modem upgrade a few days ago, and so far things are much better.

Now back to the ugliness if you dare look...

Winter is a time of fertility... at least it is here at the Thayer house. Both Marisa and Sandy are expecting. I could never pick an heir for Generation 3 between Fulton and Garridan. They were just so flipping ugly -- each in his own special way. So I decided I will pick the ugliest heir of the 4th Generation. Fulton and Garridan will share the title of heir until such a time as I have decided on the ugliest of their children.

"Booga, Booga!" Meadow must be trying to send Fulton a message to eat more fruit.

Somehow I doubt regularity is a problem for Fulton at the moment.