Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ch. 2: Spawn of Meadow

I decided Meadow needed a little makeup to make her look older than 14. Without any custom content, this will have to do.

Gen. 1 Spouse: Russ Bear
Aspiration: Family
LTW: Reach Golden Anniversary
Personality: Aquarius (9-8-7-3-4)
Turn-ons: Formal Wear & Blond Hair
Turnoff: Gray Hair

Russ does a lot of primping. Either he doesn't realize he's ugly, or he's very proud to be ugly. He's definitely proud to be Meadow's husband, because her reputation precedes her. She is definitely one of the hottest sims in the neighborhood, especially since the disappearancce of Bella Goth.

Meadow got stuck with the ugly gray maternity shirt. Why couldn't they get choices like with other clothes? I don't really know what she's doing just sitting here. Contemplating the joys of motherhood? Getting in touch with her inner sim?

I guess she may just be tired. I wonder how sims breathe in their food like that. I usually put a stereo in the dining room so they will wake up and finish eating.

Look, she has rings like Saturn!

And finally, she gives birth to a red-headed son. His name is Ackerley, which means "from the oak-tree meadow." Since it had the word "meadow" in it, I decided it would be a good name for him.

What's wrong, Meadow? Even though she just gave birth, she is ready to have more babies.

Let's see if Ackerley looks like his dad...

He's not too bad yet, but maybe he has UGG-potential. You never really know how sims will turn out.

Ackerley is a Scorpio (9-8-9-3-1) with a very similar personality to his dad's, only he has just one nice point.

Russ is a good dad, who always rolls up wants to teach his kids their toddler skills.

Awww... he's actually kind of cute. Let's see what childhood does to his face. Maybe it will explode. We can only hope.

Hmmmm... not an explosion, but he's not as cute as he was, which is a good thing for the UGG Legacy.

Right away he started zipping around the house, cleaning everything. I love it when sim kids do that. I have never seen that happen in real life, though. Maybe other people's kids love cleaning.

Ackerley and Chandler Platz do not get along at all. That's good, though. Now Chandler won't be calling him on the phone for the rest of his life.

I let Meadow have her wish for another baby. She chose the bathroom to gave birth, which is always such a great room for photos, right?

And here we have baby Beverly, another redhead. Beverly means "beaver meadow." I wonder how many parents knew before naming their daughters that.

Russ was in the living room for Beverly's birth having sympathetic labor pains.

Let's see what happens to Beverly's face when Russ toddlerifies her...

She is kind of ugly. It's hard to say if it's the baldness or if she's just plain ugly. Time will tell.

Beverly is an Aries (9-8-4-3-4).

Ackerley grew up alone by the trash can. What a nice simmer I am. I just prefer to get it over with and not mess with cakes and parties.

He's definitely getting quite a large mouth, so there is hope for ugliness.

Ackerley rolled knowledge and has a Lifetime Want of becoming a Media Magnate. His is turned on by jewelry and athletic sims, and turned off by custom hair.

Beverly decided to fall asleep with her head in the potty. I hope for her sake the bowl is empty.

And here is the moment of truth. I have high hopes that she will stay ugly.

Darn you, cuteness! My hopes have been cruelly dashed. Why can't she stay ugly?

Beverly does the same thing Ackerley did when she grows up. She also has the "scrubbing bubbles" and loves to clean.

Ackerley brought Destry Wade home from school one day. Destry has some serious potential for a future UGG Legacy spouse! I will keep him in mind if we ever get an ugly girl.

And last but not least, another redheaded baby boy Chesley was born in the garage. He has Meadow's skin tone and eyes. Chesley means "camp meadow."

Russ reached the top of the criminal career track, becoming a Criminal Mastermind. I could have given him a different job, but this one seemed so fitting since he started out as a burglar.

I forgot to take pictures of the progress building the house, but here it is in its finished state. It's very pink, but I assume that pink is Meadow's favorite color. Everything that can be should be pink.

Russ is off to work in his, ahem, work uniform. If only real criminal masterminds wore that they would be so much easier for the police to spot.

Ackerley is a chess cheater. I guess that's because of his one nice point. At least Meadow is bright enough to catch him some of the time.

Time to grow up little Chesley...

And he's cute too. *sobs* He definitely takes more after Meadow in his looks than the other two children. His personality is Aries (7-10-9-3-2).

Speaking of cuties, it's time for Beverly to become a teen.

Of course, Ackerley chose that moment to hog the spotlight...

And he refused to move. Is this some passive-aggressive sim sibling rivalry? Is she still cute, or did her father's genetics finally explode her face? Tune in next time to see teen Beverly.

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aquatami said...

I want to see what she looks like but this darn work internet won't let me into chapter 3. Drats. I'll have to remember to check it out when I get home.

Love the kids so far. I wouldn't worry if generation two is cute. You have many more chances to get some 'interesting' genes into the family tree.

Also nice to know I'm not the only one who lets the kids grow up whereever they just happen to be standing. Birthday cakes are a pain and highly overrated.

lissabry said...

oh that was hilarious I love your writing style :D I only wish the pictures wouldve shown up :-S cant wait to (hopeflly) see what happens next :) ~Melissa

lissabry said...

:o it ate my post! anyway.... that was hilarious, I love your writing style and only wish the pics wouldve shown up :-S cant wait to (hopefully) see what happens next :D ~Melissa

tehkiks said...

That was really funny, I love your uglacy already! And I have a soft spot for mean kids, so that passive-agresiveness at the end cracked me up! :P

ASimWen said...

Haha looks like sibling rivalry to me! Heh I say Ackerley is the heir.

Bubbs said...

Either he doesn't realize he's ugly, or he's very proud to be ugly - HAHAHA!

WHAT? We don't get to see what the looks???

Fairy D said...

so not fair. Hmmmm. I have to go on now to see if beverly is still cute.