Monday, November 5, 2007

Ch. 1: The UGG Legacy Begins

Founder: Meadow Thayer
Aspiration: Family
LTW: Become Education Minister
Personality: Aquarius (4-4-4-7-6)
Turn-ons: Formal Wear & Underwear
Turnoff: High Charisma

I probably should have cloned Meadow instead of just growing her up. I did get rid of her skills, so as not to cheat too much. The only advantage she ended up with over a CAS sim was a few friends. She lost the pink UGG boots and grew up in this evening gown. Since she doesn't really look any older, maybe she thought it would help her seem more mature.

Her house is nothing to be excited about, but I just started her off in her future master bedroom with a few necessities. A two-story farmhouse is what it will eventually be.

Meadow seems surprised to discover that books contain helpful information. She must have been too busy dating Legacy teens when she was in school to notice. Now she has a great deal of catching up to do. Her Lifetime Want is to become Education Minister. It certainly is a lofty goal for such an empty head as hers, but she is a self-confident sim. She can accomplish anything she sets her mind to.

After a few minutes of study, however, it became clear that building skills is boring. Dating is much more fun, especially since she can now get married and have babies. Yes, Meadow is a family sim. Jill Fuchs is the local con artist known as the Matchmaker. I love to see her choices when you pay her the minimum amount. It's almost like a game, or maybe a gameshow. Let's see what Meadow gets for $10...

Contestant #1 is Mr. Korey Jitmakusol, a private school headmaster. He's somewhat ugly, but I'm not sure if he is ugly enough for this challenge. But before I rule him out, let's see if there's any chemistry...

Not only is there zero chemistry, but Mr. Jitmakusol demands to know why Meadow skipped school today and threatens her with detention. Yes, the Matchmaker sure knows how to work her magic. She just chooses not to for less than $5000.

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Contestant #2 is Neil LeTourneau. There is no chemistry with Neil either, plus he is way too attractive. Also, I wonder if he is in any way related to Brandi LeTourneau. I hate Brandi. We must move on...

Contestant #3 is Abhijeet Deppiesse, who also has no chemistry with Meadow and is not quite ugly enough. Well, that's all we have time for today, folks. No lovely, er ugly parting gifts for Meadow this time. Tune in next time to see what new tricks the Matchmaker has up her puffed sleeves.

The next day Meadow took a job in the military in order to begin paying the bills. It isn't what she really wants to do, but it will pay pretty well until she can find a job in the education field.

In order to make more money in the military, she needs some body skill points. However, pink sweats are not the regulation PT uniform.

You're out of uniform, Private Thayer! Now, drop and give me 20!

After all that work and working out, it's time for some fun, and what could possibly be more fun than the Smustle? So what if if makes you look certifiably insane.

The matchmaker is back, which means that we now have...

Contestant #4! Yes, it's Russ Bear, one of Pleasantview's most notorious criminals. I'm sure that Madame Fuchs thinks he is suitable punishment considering how little Meadow pays her for her matchmaking services.

But for whatever reason, Meadow finds Russ quite attractive. Since I doubt there is an uglier sim in all of Pleasantview or the surrounding area, she can have him. Russ is the perfect match for the UGG Legacy. Yay, Russ Bear!

Awww... or Ewww..., you decide.

But wait, is Meadow already having second thoughts about Russ? Has she noticed that he is hideous?

Nah, that's just her face frozen in "funky dance mode." That tooth stuck through her cheek is pretty scary -- it's the first time I've seen that glitch, and I hope it's the last time. It's going to get ugly enough in this Legacy without that.

And so the whirlwind courtship begins: They kiss in the rain.. How romantic... *cough*

While painful to watch, the face-sucking continued inside the house as well. It was their first date, a dream date no less, and they were in love. One thing led to another until it became inevitable...

Instant Engagement...

Instant Wedding...

And look, they have wallpaper! Russ brought in a much-needed $8000, which helps to decorate and add on to the house.

Oh, and also some instant woohoo.

Soon there were spinning purple hearts and the sound of a lullaby. Generation 2 is... spawned. Let the UGG-liness begin.


aquatami said...

Great start on your legacy. I always love to see what the other lurkers out there are up to.

tehkiks said...

Nice start! I love genetic legacies, and uclacies are too funny, but I haven't been brave enough to try them yet :P I hope their baby is as ugly as it can be!

ASimWen said...

Not only does Russ have the ugly wide Maxian mouth, but he has a nice dip/hump in his

Galena said...

From experience, Headmasters give huge cheeks to sims regardless.

Russ is ugly though. He'll do well

Bubbs said...

Oh poor Meadow, another bad choice for a husband....

Fairy D said...

Great Start. Russ is certainly the ugliest sim I have ever seen in my game. Poor Meadow.

batsmeg said...

Great start! I wonder if Meadow's chipmunk cheeks and Russ' chisled bone structure will explode on contact?