Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Ch. 3 Gen. 2 Teens and College

Once I was able to pry Ackerley out of the picture, I was able to see that Beverly is still not UGG-worthy as a teen. She has a bit of a large nose and an odd chin, but is a normal decent-looking teen.

She rolled the Fortune aspiration with a Lifetime Want of Earning $100,000. Her turn-ons are blond hair and high body skills, and her turn-off is brown hair.

Chesley got the pink jammies. He fits right in in the pink house, and matches the nursery. As you can see, Russ still enjoys teaching toddler skills.

This was a surprise, as it always is. I was glad Beverly was able to get the Extraterrestrial Reparations Grant. It looks like Meadow was concerned that the aliens would do violence toward her daughter. I know it's a bad pun, but it's one my husband is fond of using when referring to movies with too much "violins."

I always think it's strange that Knowledge sims react negatively this way to abduction since they always want it to happen again. Maybe it's a sort of roller coaster experience for them. You're dying to get off the thing, but as soon as you do, you want to get back on.

Interesting conversation topic, and Russ seems to be glad to reminisce with her about their first woo-hoo.

And now it's time for Russ to become an elder, While Meadow does a mind-meld on Chesley.

Russ doesn't improve that much with age as far as his looks go.

Russ seems a bit depressed to be over the hill, and not even the sight of a sparkly, levitating toddler can snap him out of his funk.

Chesley, stop being cute, darnit. You'll never be UGG-worthy, will you?

Here are Beverly and Ackerley at University. Beverly is still a failure when it comes to the UGG Legacy. I would be really depressed by her if Ackerley didn't get uglier with each transition.

Since they had plenty of scholarship money, I had them rent 80 Crumplebottom Drive and turn it into a Greek house. I let them choose the majors they rolled a want for, so Beverley became an Economics major, while Ackerley became a Mathematics major.

Ackerley loves to primp just like his father Russ. It's so funny to watch him.

Ackerley met an interesting friend his first day of college. Usually the streaker takes off quickly, but this one hung around a long time. It was somewhat disturbing.

He even liked playing kicky ball in the buff. Yikes.

Ackerley used the college directory to meet a couple of girls I thought were the most UGG-worthy and become friends with them. He invited Laura and Rose over to see if he had chemistry with either of them.

After checking out both girls, he realized he had two bolts for Rose and asked her on a date.

That instantly angered Laura who felt she had been cheated on, although I have no idea why since I was completely unaware of any crush between them. Now he had a really bad date with Rose and both girls were mad at him.

Rose sent him this lovely card in the mail. She is even scarier-looking when she's angry. Laura just decided to kick over his trash, over and over again. Given a choice, I think I prefer the card actually.

Back at the main house...

Meadow finally filled up her empty head and reached her LTW of becoming Education Minister.

And became an elder the same evening. What a day! But wait, there's more.

I then had Russ call to throw an anniversary party, and he was able to achieve his LTW of reaching his golden anniversary.

And then I realized that Meadow's second LTW was to reach her golden anniversary.

It was a somewhat wild and disturbing party, as you can see, but it was an experiment to see if the same tactics work for anniversary party scores as they do for wedding parties. I suppose getting Meadow and Russ dressed again would have been a nice touch.

But was quite easily a Roof Raiser.

Teen Chesley is not as cute as he was as a kid, but is by no means ugly. In my disappointment, I forgot to take a screenshot of his aspiration and turn-ons. Oh well. Chesley rolled knowledge with the Lifetime Want of Maxing All Skills. His turn-ons are black hair and high charisma, and his turn-off is jewelry.

This was a weird glitch. Russ was visiting his kids at the UGG Greek house when he got too cold outside talking to his buddy the mailman, Pao. He came inside to the bathroom and aged himself back to adult, adding himself to the list of playable sims. It was weird. I had to age him back to adult with the age sims cheat and unselect him with the testing cheats, but he did leave and go back home. Unfortunately, he started all over again at 54 days old and will live forever. *sigh*

So who will be the UGG Legacy heir? Will it be Ackerley?

Or will it be Beverly? (as if)

Or will it be Chesley, who grew up to be the Hawaiian bowling enthusiast? (yeah, right) He has placeholder written all over him. Do you really have any doubts who the heir will be? Tune in next time to confirm your suspicions.


ASimWen said...

Ackerley! Ackerley!

Bubbs said...


Bool prop the father back to elderhood! I guess he felt he missed his adulthood and wanted to do it again.

Fairy D said...

It's gotta be Ackerley. He's even Uglier than his dad and the other two are kinda cute.