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Ch. 13: Learnin' Stuff

It's time for another update of my UGG Legacy.  As you may know, Hanley won the heir poll.

Hanley Thayer
Generation 4
Scorpio 8-7-9-7-1

I decided to go ahead and let Hanley stay at Sim State.  He needs the 6 want slots.

Because I will have to try to keep him happy for a long time.  I really hate this LTW.

Hanley doesn't want to hear any gossip from his brother Kermit.  Kermit has a really abrasive personality, I guess.  I noticed that no one really likes him.

I don't know why, but Kermit kept waiting for me to send him to the bathroom for some reason, even though no one else was in there keeping him from going.  He finally gave everyone a really entertaining gossip topic for the rest of their university experience.

I pretty much let all the spares be free range and do what they want.  They did a lot of annoying things, like cook up lobster.

Hanley's cousin Mara was a bit challenged, if her outfit didn't already clue you in to that fact.  She had trouble taking care of herself.

Iago and Hanley are discussing fashion.  I'm not sure fashion is the answer.  Plastic surgery, maybe...

Leah really doesn't like her annoying brother Kermit.  She really liked to poke him.  I was afraid I'd start seeing a lot of dustclouds, but it didn't get that bad.  They eventually found other things to distract them.

When the coach came around to try to make them work out, Leah had a breakdown.  She was just so tired.  It was at that point that I gave them better beds.  Up until then, the 7 of them were taking turns sleeping in 3 single beds, and they just weren't getting enough good rest.  The problem was that there was no room for more beds, and I was procrastinating rebuilding even though there was enough money.

I eventually took the time to expand the Greek house.  Then there was much more room, and everyone had their own expensive bed.

Hanley, not surprisingly, had never had a first kiss.  Brittany Wendland was one of the top girls he was attracted to in TwoJeff's crystal ball.  She's not that pretty, but not ugly enough for him to marry.  But she will do for a first kiss.

They hit it off rather quickly.

Until he started to get fresh.

But she forgave him quickly.  It looks like he's going to suck her lips off.

Somehow she can manage to look past that face and enjoy kissing him.  Maybe she's far-sighted.

I just had to share this picture of Leah.  I wonder how things would have turned out if I had let her be heir.  She has a great deal of potential, and an iron stomach, I guess. 

Brittany Wendland brought Hanley a really nice, expensive gift.

Job needed a body point for his studies, so I got an exercise bike.  Sims usually try to kill themselves with this thing.  I'd better keep a close eye on Hanley.  The others... well if I notice them killing themselves I'll try to intervene.  The spares haven't been required to skill at all, but if they need a skill, I try to give them something they will want to use.

Hanley used the bike to get fit.  I'm not sure how it worked his biceps, though.

Hanley decided to take Brittany on another date.  For some reason, she felt the guy making coffee was incompetent, so she decided to help him.

And with ACR's help, she decided to help Hanley in the hot tub.  After that, Hanley really wanted to get engaged to Brittany.  I feel kind of bad that he can't choose his own wife, but Uglacies are all about arranged marriages.  Hopefully, I can find someone ugly that will make him happy - and make an even uglier generation of Thayer's - if that's even possible.

Mrs. Crumplebottom looked especially unhappy tonight - possibly because she arrived just a little too late to save Hanley's virtue.

Hanley took the opportunity before he went home to buy cellphones for everyone back at the house.  It's getting too difficult for the 7 of them to share the same phone line.

As Hanley arrived back home, he saw Frances J. Worthington III walking by, and decided to invite him in.  Francis looks a little concerned, but out of the politeness that comes of good breeding, he agreed to come in and meet the people of very bad breeding..

But, he was not very polite when he sat in front of the staircase doing his homework for a long time, as everyone was blocked from being able to use the stairs during that time.

Neron spent a little too much time on the exercise bike and before I knew it, he was in bad shape.  Kermit thought it was hilarious to see his cousin passed out on the floor.  Is it any wonder he's really unpopular?

Hanley did some more dating in order to try to find the perfect combination of attraction and ugliness. It was not an easy task.  Lucy Hanby is somewhat ugly, but maybe he can do better.  He finds her repulsive anyway.

Shelby Barrett also had potential, but he thinks she's really gross, too.

But, he did like the exterminator Carmen Patch.  They only had one bolt, but I figured with the turn-ons, maybe that could be improved for them.

I cheated and peeked at Carmen's LTW.  That seems easy enough.

Once I fixed them up for each other, they had 2 bolts.  Carmen likes blond hair and underwear.  Hanley likes glasses and formalwear.  It's a lot of trouble to go to, but he can like Carmen - almost as much as Brittany.

They're going to make an interesting couple.

Hanley had received a remote control car as a gift from an outing he went on with a pretty girl - no need to show you her face.  She was completely ineligible.  ;)  Mara demonstrated again that she has no sense of self-preservation.  She didn't have the sense to put on warm clothes in winter, but stood outside and played with the car in her skimpy outfit for hours and hours.

Maybe she thought the leg-warmers would keep her warm.  Once she was very blue, she finally noticed she was cold.

By then she was frozen.  Kermit seemed more interested in the flamingo than his frozen cousin.

However, I sent him over with the hairdryer.  She started thawing before he could start helping.

She went directly to bed, and had some awful nightmares.  A nightmare for Mara is also a nightmare for me.  It looks like I need to use HoodChecker on UnPleasantview.

After a date with Hanley, Carmen spontaneously grabbed and kissed him.  I suppose things are going better than expected.  Still, it's hard for me not to regret Hanley's feelings for Brittany that will have to be put aside for the sake of Uglacy.

Hanley grew up in an ugly shirt.  Is this is a good sign that we'll be seeing more ugly when he returns home?  He graduated with a 4.0 average, not that it really matters.  His siblings and cousins will stay at the Greek house for now.

Back in UnPleasantview...

I can't really tell if he's glad to be back home or not.

But the home business has expanded to include Thayer's Roll and Bowl in the backyard.  Hanley really enjoys skating.

After all this time, Tristen is still very upset with Fulton, and regularly stalks by the house.

Tonight she kicked over the garbage can.

Even though he no longer lives there, I was happy to see Blair Bigfoot who was very nice and came and recycled the garbage for them.

The next morning, they discovered that the hydrobot had broken and was making a huge mess in the back yard.

Apparently, it had been going on for quite some time, as there were weeds everywhere.

So much for hydrobots being labor savers.  Thankfully, the gardener should be arriving soon.  He'll be very busy today.

I'm not sure why, but the game camera decided to point to one of the customers, Mary-Sue Pleasant.  I guess this is a commercial for Thayer's Roll and Bowl.  Come on down and get fit while having fun!

They also hired a maid, Lucy Hanby.

Despite swooning for her, Hanley still finds her repulsive.  It doesn't make any sense, since she's not even a romance sim.

Hanley joins in the favorite family pastime with his Uncle Fulton.

Instead of going to the Roll and Bowl and having fun like a normal person, Chester Gieke creepily hangs out in the kids' bedroom above the garage.  It looks like it's time to get lockable garage doors.

These are the family trees that are invaluable to me as I write this.

The number of ugly Thayer's is getting hard for me to keep straight otherwise. ;)

The next chapter should bring in the 5th generation of ugly Thayers. See you soon! Thank you for reading! :)

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