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Ch. 11: Ugly Affliction

Sometimes I surprise myself, like when I realized last night that I had already written the next chapter of the story years ago, but then didn't post it when I thought my neighborhood was gone. So, yay! I think it's pretty good for something I wrote about 4 years ago. I made some choices (killed off some sims, LOL) back then that I might not have chosen now to do now.  But, in my defense, they are townies we see all the time in everyone's game, so they're always alive somewhere. Oh, and I renamed the town UnPleasantview now, which seems much more descriptive.  Since this is still old stuff, the heir poll is still in effect until Valentine's Day, so please vote if you want to have your say for the future of the UGG Legacy.

And so this is where the story picks up again:

And now we are back in the little town of Pleasantview where everything is all quaint and sweet.

Yeah, right.

Marisa did take the cake. But come on, anyone of normal intelligence could see that a piece of cake suspiciously suspended in a gaping mouth filled with large, pointy teeth might just be a trap. I put the blame entirely on her being a townie. Townies don't have parents to warn them about taking candy cake from strangers plants.

OK, fine, I'll just admit it: I didn't like her anymore, so I killed her. And I am glad I did. I'm relieved to no longer have to keep Marisa off the brink of aspiration failure. Of course, at the time of this editing, I may have let her live in a state of aspirational failure. I've changed my playing style since I played this, and I'm going for more realism and much less perfection. But what is done is done.

No one mourned Marisa except Ackerley. At least Ackerley cares. He may be a mean sim by definition, but inside he isn't. He cares about everyone in his family, even his stupid daughters-in-law.

Brandi and Purple Jacket Lady were just sad that there was no more cake. I would be glad to let Brandi have a piece, but it is the Legacy lot after all. As it is, I will be saving the Marisa Juice for the time being to avoid any real accidents. Although, since I don't really care about points anymore, Brandi can come back any time and enjoy some cake.  Brandi is one of my least favorite townies - right down there with Kennedy Cox.

Garridan doesn't care that his wife is dead. He and his brother Fulton have the philosophy that every problem in life can be solved by pounding your chest and letting out a primal yell. And they have just the primal faces to match.

With Marisa gone, there was room for another ugly baby in the Thayer house. I sent Sandy to have some elixir since she was too close to elder to "try for baby." Unfortunately, her aspiration was in the green and the effect backfired, aging her instantly to elder. Now I have to say here that I did not expect that. Seriously. But then when should it do that but when I don't want it to. Generally, if I want to age a sim up that's in green aspiration, it makes them younger. So I guess this is just an illustration of "Sim Murphy's Law of Elixir" at work.

Darn you, Old Sandy. Anyway, Sandy was just like Marisa - a sim that always wanted the impossible -- like to woo-hoo 20 sims. She was always looking to fall in love with customers of the home business. It was so not going to happen. So to punish me she was always near aspiration failure as well. See the crazy look in her eye? I think she's gone senile. Yeah, that's my excuse.

Old Sandy found a huge pair of scissors just suspiciously lying out in the driveway and since she was also a townie with no parents, she had never been taught not to run with scissors.


That's right little Job, smile now because you're about to experience affliction.

Old Sandy's scissors experiment didn't last very long, and it didn't turn out the way she'd hoped. It turns out that running with scissors is a very bad idea after all. It seems my mother was right. ;)

I guess Grimmy has seen enough Legacies to know what's going on here. Sadly, (ha ha) no one was nearby to plead for Old Sandy's life. Life is so unfair sometimes.


*this is a quote from Terry Pratchett's version of Death, an anthropomorphic personification who loves kitties and speaks in all caps.

Good point, Grimmy. ;)

If you look closely, you will see that again Ackerley is the only one mourning again. Fulton is doing the chest pounding again. Fulton did not mourn Sandy's passing. He just wondered why she never came back for the woo-hoo. She went downstairs to have some elixir and never came back. I told you, didn't I?

OK, I'll admit I gave Old Sandy the scissors to run with, too. Big shocker, right? I know I'm mean, but some sims are just too tedious to play..

But something good came of the new vacancies in the Thayer home.  There was now room for Ackerley's new creation. His name is AckBot, and he will have the same personality as his creator. This is good, because Ackerley only has a tiny sliver of life left on his life bar. Ackerley wants to ensure the future of his family. He can't live forever, but as much as he is able, he can put his heart into something that will carry on and be like him, and possibly save his posterity from incompetent idiots like his sons.

It didn't take Fulton long to find a replacement for Sandy. He's a romance sim who needs some lovin'. He knows I won't let him live out all of his annoying romance wants, so marriage is the only way he's getting, ahem, any. Tristen isn't exactly hideous, but she is a bit odd-looking bug-eyed. I think she may have something ugly to contribute to this family.

She's a fortune sim, so it didsn't surprise me that she decided to get married in the gold Diva dress to an old, very ugly rich guy. Can we say gold digger?

Even though it wasn't an official wedding party, it was well-attended. That's a first for this family. I guess it was somewhat of a spectacle since Sandy had just passed away that afternoon.

But wait, where'd the bride go??? Did she leave Fulton at the altar?

No, there wasn't a chance she was going to pass up this opportunity. She just decided to skip the wedding kiss to go put down that heavy date bouquet. That couldn't wait, could it Tristen?

Obligatory pre-woo-hoo cuddle photo.

The next evening brought a guest who has become a frequent visitor in the Thayer house lately. I see that Ackerley never changed out of his polyester leisure suit from the wedding. I'm really hoping he won't be wearing that as a ghost.  Never mind, if he does it will just enhance the Uglacy.

Job takes his affliction of losing his grandfather in stride. Why should he get off the phone just because his grandfather is dying? What good would it do to mourn anyway? I can see that he has learned well from his father Fulton. Ironically, the mean townie Komeii seems to take it the hardest of anyone.

I think Ackerley is smiling now -- not so much for the complimentary drink with the little umbrella, but at the thought of being with Rose again.

Why do you need this information? I have no idea.  It's just one of those things.

I may not have to kill Tristen, since she has a decent Lifetime Want. Lucky for her.

It didn't take AckBot long after Ackerely's death to start drinking straight from the bottle. Ackerley had put too much of his caring into AckBot's circuits, and they were overloading continually because he was dealing with idiots. Hey now, don't be upset metal man. Look at it this way: the Thayer family puts the "fun" in dysfunctional.

Soon Tristen was feeling the "fun," because all the simworld needs is more ugly Thayers.

She had a baby girl named Mara. Mara is Hebrew for bigger. I have no idea now what was going through my head when I chose the name. I have nothing. Let's go for bigger ugly, kid!

Tristen had to wait through the slow, methodical bed-making ceremony...

...before she was allowed to give birth to Neron. Neron is Spanish for stern. Again, I have no idea why I chose it. I'll blame it entirely on a caffeine-deficiency. Maybe he will have a stern expression that makes him ugly? Gee, what lameness. I should remember to pick out names when I am awake. Either that, or I need to at least write down my lame reasoning for the names.

Anyway, since Fulton is a retired elder now, I have him do a lot of the gardening that Ackerley used to do. Even though he's a new father again, he has very little to do now. With the large garden, it wasn't long before he had his gold gardening badge.

AckBot is the reason for all the free time. Servos are wonderful at caring for babies, whether you want them to or not. as a matter of fact, if you have a Servo, it is darn near impossible to keep them away from babies and toddlers. And they're so much more competent than nannies.

Leah became a toddler, and for an Uglacy girl may have some good potential in the nose/mouth area.

She definitely has the fiery red-headed personality.

Ackerley made his first ghostly appearance and was very disappointed that we moved his urn to the backyard instead of tripping over it for several generations on the living room floor. How insensitive of me to move it. :P

At least Ackerley was able to find his bed, which makes him a relatively happy ghost.

And speaking of ghosts, we're getting quite a collection, thanks in part to my efforts. ;) AckBot is always wanting to see them.

I guess you could say it's his favorite hobby as far as his wants panel in concerned. Maybe when Free Time comes out, ghost-chasing can be a hobby. Darn you, EAxis!

It is a bit like herding cats to get a Servo to stop cooking and doing chores long enough to focus with on ghost-chasing, though.

One day he got some extra time for ghost-chasing as Rose was still out and about in the daytime.  Sometimes she works overtime at being a scary menace. I think I notice her more now than I did when she was alive.

Fulton definitely noticed her this particular night.

Poor guy almost made it. Between the townies hogging the bathroom and refusing to leave and his mother's ghost scaring him, an accident was inevitable.

Getting complaints is just a part of the home business experience here at the Thayer house. Garridan looks at me with doubt, but I encourage him to go ahead. I love to do this. No, I'm not going to kill her (not that I don't want to). Yes, it is time to use influence to get the annoying woman to go away and quit complaining for a few minutes.

And what better way to do that than to suggest that she demonstrate her cleaning expertise to us.

On her way to clean the house, I can see she is scratching her head, wondering how she got herself into this mess.  Heh-heh.

Garridan finally taught one of his own kids to talk. Will wonders never cease? I don't think he had the desire to do so, but he did have the free time.

And now it is time to see the results of selective breeding. Please Leah, I am weary of cuteness.

Meh... I'm just not sure. I still detect a bit of cuteness there. Big luscious lips are not necessarily ugly on a girl. Just look at the silly women getting injections and surgery to get big lips. Well, Leah may have a bit too much of a good thing. Let's hope so.

And it's now time to see what we have in our new teen line. I'm not holding my breath for facial explosions with these two.

And I was right not to hold out much hope. I'm not too surprised as these two have never shown much UGG-tential. Kermit does have his father Garridan's fashion sense, though.

When he got to college, Job was the spitting image of his Uncle Evers, another miserable failure at being ugly.

Kermit is actually the uglier of the two, however not that ugly. Maybe a change of hairstyle would help -- if we were trying to make him look better. As it is, we never want to do that in this Legacy. We take all the ugly we can get, and we are darn grateful when we can get it.

Headmaster time. Again. Garridan stares at BJ, wondering if he's on a liquid diet. It takes him forever to finish his drink. 10 points for the headmaster drinking at the bar is not going to do much for the score if he skips dinner.

It was scary, but he finally decided to eat, much to everyone's relief.

And I think it's a pretty good score, so I have to show it off. ;) I rarely get rejections for private school anymore, but something usually goes wrong which keeps the score at just barely enough to get in.

Leah looks confused about the whole private school acceptance system. Obviously, it should be based on academic merit, or on the family's ability to pay tuition -- not on schmoozing, pork chops, and the quality of the bathroom fixtures. At least that's my opinion.

And now for a couple of wishing well photos. Since they have too much money and too many friends, I had them wish for love.

AckBot got this girl from the sky, and he poked her in the face with his big cold metal eye, which for some reason she didn't seem to mind.

And Garridan got this girl. Cara actually means "face" in Spanish. Speaking of faces, have you noticed that she has Meadow's face? Well, we can't have intentional pretty in this house. If I were to let Garridan date an island girl, it would be the one he dated in college - CarLa. Carla has a Bruty-type face instead of Meadow-type face.


*Chels] said...

Just read through your whole legacy and I have to say, I'm a fan! I was leery of the idea, because I hate looking at the ugly sims, but your stories are just too good to pass up. :)

Twoflower said...

Awww, thanks Chels! You made my day. :)