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Ch. 12: UnPleasantview


According to the poll I have here and on LiveJournal, it looks like Hanley is the clear winner unless a lot of people come vote for Iago in the next few hours.  Adding the 2 polls together, Hanley had 18 votes, and Iago had 4 votes so far.  I won't move Hanley home until the results are official, though.  Thank you to everyone who voted! :D


So, welcome back to UnPleasantview.  Most of the pictures in this update were taken and edited about 4 years ago, although I did not write about them back then (darn!), and I don't have any idea if they're even in the correct order.  So I will do my best to just to remember the basics and get us caught up to where I can play again.  BTW, this update is cross-posted to my LiveJournal.


But first, this is the family tree through Generation 3.  I never did decide between Garridan and Fulton for Gen. 3 heir.  At the end of this update, I added family trees for Fulton and Garridan.  I didn't add them up here, because some of the people aren't born yet.  Making the family trees kind of helped me sort everyone out in my mind, because it's a big family now with a lot of ugly kids.  If you want spoilers, you can look at them at the bottom of the update.


Anyway, it looks like AckBot was doing a great job of taking care of Fulton and Tristen's twins, Mara and Neron.  They're probably letting him do everything since he's the one growing them up.


As toddlers, they don't look very ugly yet.


It looks like some some stupid townies are paying some high prices to smustle out on the Thayer's lawn.  That's how the family is now so rich and can afford to pay their really high bills.  Although, it would help if the guests wouldn't block the mailbox so they could actually get to the mailbox to pay their bills.


Mara grew up to be a child.  She was still not that ugly yet.


Their son Neron also became a child and doesn't look that ugly yet either...


Although his nose is a bit questionable.  Time will tell.


Ackbot earned his gold gardening badge.  I'm surprised he didn't automatically have the gold badge since he was created by Ackerley who was by that time a plantsim.


Garridan and Marisa's daughter Leah grew up to be a teen.


Mara wants a family.  She prefers stinky, artistic types, who don't cake on clown makeup.


Yeah, she's ugly, but not quite ugly enough.


She gets shipped off to college right away with an impressive §5000 in scholarships.


Where  she became a little uglier.


Garridan moved in his island girlfriend Carla.  Oh my gosh, Garridan is so UGG-ly!  I can't imagine kissing that face.  I should have just picked him as heir.


Garridan and Carla proceeded to try to make ugly babies together.


Carla wants 20 best friends.  She'll have to pick people who like her personality, because her looks aren't going to help her much.


Sandy takes out her post-mortal frustrations on Fultons's new family.


A drama professor came over and caused some drama, leading to some marital problems for Fulton and Tristen.


Which led to some roaches from the overly-dramatic trash can kicker.


Tristen got the flu - probably from the roaches.


Neron and Mara had teen birthdays.


While the drama professor came to steal the newspaper.


Mara didn't look that bad, but Neron's looks were worsening.


He's still not as ugly as Iago or Hanley, though.


Mara became a Pleasure sim who likes fit guys with brown hair, but doesn't like hats.


Neron became a Romance sim, LOL.  He likes hard-working girls who are athletic, but wants them to have normal hair.


The twins are reacting a little late to the newspaper thief, but they are in sync.


Mara and Neron went right off to college.


Both of them got §3500 in scholarships.


Mara chose a hideous outfit.  Her half-brother Iago welcomed her to the university with a primal yell.  It's hereditary. :P


Neron got impressively ugly in college, but according to my husband and sons, was still nothing to Iago and Hanley.


Carla decided to give birth to twins in the kitchen - in her undies, of course.


There was a big crowd there to watch thanks to the home business.


This is Carla and Garridan's son Orson.


And of course there will be another... only I don't have the picture for some reason.


But here is the picture of Orson as a bald toddler.


And this is his twin sister Petra, finally.


AckBot is trying to run away from what I can only assume was some kind of spontaneous combustion.


So he was on fire and decided to run over next the toddler.


Forutunately, Garridan found some hidden parental skills from deep down within, and he tried to save his baby girl.


Carla was also in serious danger.


Thankfully, Garridan was able to put out the fire, saving several from death, including AckBot, who is now having a breakdown.


I guess if I were scoring this legacy I'd be unhappy right now.


Petra grew to be a child, and she looks like she has some serious mouth and jaw UGG in her future.


Orson is a little less extreme so far.


Fulton and Carla decided autonomously (and this was before ACR) to flirt or something.  And this was in front of Tristen and Garridan.


So Fulton caused problems not only for his marriage...


But for Garridan's relationship, too.  Now there's all kinds of trouble and slapping in the Thayer house.


After she slapped him for cheating on her, Fulton told Tristen to leave.


And Garridan must have told Petra to leave too, because she left.  Poor kids.


The bitterness lasted quite awhile.  To this day, Garridan is really mad at his brother for flirting with Carla.  Garridan and Fulton are both in love with Carla, so I don't think bringing her back is the answer, unless I finally move out Fulton.  I haven't decided yet.  There really is no point in moving her back since Garridan doesn't need any more children.


Fulton is still a little mad at Tristen now.  I checked, and their relationship is at a 3 for daily and 3 for lifetime.  They only have one bolt, and they also don't need children.  Both brothers are as mean as they are ugly and only have 1 nice point each, and I just don't feel inclined to help either of them out.  But they do have ACR now, so they might get lucky somehow, someday.


AckBot finally fulfilled his LTW, which means he won't have to have any more aspiration failures.


Now I can just let him do whatever he wants without trying to keep him happy.


I guess Fulton is doing a lot of drinking nowadays.


Just for informational purposes, I guess I had tested aging up Petra and Orson.


As teens, Orson doesn't look quite as bad as Petra to me.


As young adults, Orson's mouth and jaw are really fat, but he's not hideous.


Petra actually seemed to get a little less ugly with age.  Anyway, despite these preview pictures, Orson and Petra are still kids and are still living at the Thayer house.  According to my test, they just weren't ugly enough to be heir.  That means that all that breeding was for nothing, LOL.  I got the 2 ugliest kids back when Garridan and Marisa had their first son Hanley, and when Fulton and Sandy had their first son Iago.  I should have stopped there. :P  But I didn't, and I guess it was sorta fun to go through all that just to see what would happen.


And now I'll leave you with Petra's smustle face.  I should be playing the 4th generation soon.


This is Fulton's pieced together family tree.  I added in Tristen and Sandy.  Tristen is the mother of Neron and Mara.  Sandy is the mother of Iago and Job.


This is Garridan's pieced together family tree.  I added Carla's picture to the side.  She's the mother of Orson and Petra who still live with their father.  Marisa was the mother of Hanley, Kermit and Leah.

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