Monday, December 10, 2007

Ch. 10: Lean, Mean and Green

Just to let you know, there will soon be a poll for the heir of Generation 4 -- as soon as my blogging has caught up to that part of the story, that is. Bear with me a little longer if you can. Soon you can help put the madness to an end by helping me decide who is the ugliest - a spawn of Fulton or a spawn of Garridan.

Back to our story: Joe Carr is here to introduce Chapter 10.

Uh, Joe?

"Oh, um... what?"

Just kidding, Joe. Go back to your smustling attempt. After all, it is costing you $27 an hour. Make the most of that, LOL.

Sims are so gullible.

However, I am proud to say that my simself was the only sim I noticed who after some thought was wise enough not buy a ticket to Meadow Thayer's Uglacy. I guess I should have given myself a free pass.

At least Fulton is permaplat now that he's a Hall of Famer, so I won't have to worry about him as much anymore.

Not that they really need it, but the family brings in extra money sometimes doing some personal training out in the garage.

"Blond Goopy" doesn't like to get personal training from Rose, though. He weeps with sadness because she got on the exercise machine to show him how to use it.

Wow, sensitive...

This is just a random picture illustrating how annoying some of the Bon Voyage greetings can be. Back in college Garridan briefly dated a girl named Carla who was from Twikki Island. I don't remember him learning "Hang Loose", and he stinks at it, but he still feels compelled to use it on everyone. He looks like he's going to fall over. Thankfully, no one else has picked up the island greeting yet.

What is the deal, Garridan? Remember, Hang Loose, man. He doesn't want to be a personal trainer for this guy and looks miserable at the thought of it. At least he isn't crying.

Marisa reached the top of the Slacker career, the job she had when she joined the family. It really isn't that helpful as it isn't her Lifetime Want.

And Sandy, LOL, is now a Mad Scientist. I don't know why there is champagne on the sidewalk. It was just there -- possibly to celebrate? Anyway, just like Marisa, Sandy's career was not her Lifetime Want.

But I agree that Sandy is a bit mad.

The home business is still what it always was, although it's getting close to 10 stars despite my mean sims' efforts to tick off the customers.

I had no idea that this was the reporter or that she was evaluating the business. I was very surprised to get a Best of the Best award -- especially since we allegedly "know what we're doing" and actually managed to impress the woman.

Maybe the business is doing better because I've been keeping Ackerley busy with gardening. He really doesn't have much to do anymore., so it keeps him from ticking off the customers or spying on Mortimer as much.


Now he's a plant. But thankfully he's a knowledge sim, so he doesn't mind. He's happy being a plantsim. I built him a greenhouse now and added a few grow lights there and inside the house on the main floor to keep his sunlight need satisfied better.

Of course, he makes a great personal trainer when he isn't tending his garden.

"It's go time! All aboard the pain train! Hey you puny Brussels Sprout, you'd better give it all you got or you'll never be pumped with fiber and iron like me!"

I decided I wanted a wishing well, so I had Ackerley try to get into the Garden Club. I had no idea the Garden Club hated pink flamingos. It makes sense because flamingos are tacky, but I didn't expect that any sims actually had good taste. ;)

Of course thanks to Ackerley's hard work they were still able to get the wishing well with no problem.

Alright, here's what you've probably come to see: the teen picture of Iago and Hanley. I wasn't trying to hold out on you, it's just that I had to catch up the story. ;) I shipped them directly off to college where I'm delighted to say their faces did more exploding.

Aspirations and turn-ons/offs in case you care.


College Iago looks just like his dad Fulton to me.

College Hanley looks a great deal like his father Garridan except he doesn't really have the Cro-Magnon brow. I think perhaps the large brow on Garridan actually made his face a little more balanced, LOL. It also looks like Hanley is trying to be like his Uncle Chesley with the headband.

BTW, apparently Chesley now wears a suit for his everyday outfit instead of pajamas. It's so strange to see him dressed so formally.

Garridan achieved his Lifetime Want of becoming Education Minister. Again, less micromanagement makes me happy.

Gotta love some of these chance cards when they bring in an easy $40,000. Fulton decided to "give speech" instead of "smile pretty."

How does all the trash get into the CleanBot? I have it to clean up bottles and plates, but when it malfunctions it spits out all kinds of stuff. I guess it's just one of the great scientific mysteries of the sim world.

Yep, now that Hanley and Iago went to college, Garridan and Marisa now have another baby boy named Kermit. Kermit is a Celtic name meaning free. Let's just hope he looks like a frog. Notice that bed-making is still the traditional way for fathers in the Thayer house to welcome new babies into the world.

Fulton and Sandy also had another baby boy. Fulton also makes the bed to celebrate. Anyway, this is little Job. Job is Hebrew meaning the afflicted. If you are familiar with the Old Testament you will know that Job was seriously afflicted with all sorts of troubles, and that his name is pronounced with a long "o" sound and not like the work type of "job." Let's hope little Job will be afflicted with some serious ugliness.

What is it Fulton? What could be so frightening?

Oh, it's just your naked wife Sandy. You are married, remember? So now just flush the toilet while she's in the shower. I'm sure she won't mind.

Oops, maybe she doesn't like being scalded with extra-hot water after all. My bad.

As soon as she griped him out, she autonomously grabbed him for a make-out session. I guess she enjoys making up by making out. Silly romance sims. Of course, Marisa had to barge in to swoon at Fulton. Stop it, Marisa! You have your own ugly man around here somewhere.

Kermit has turned toddler and shows absolutely no desire to look like a frog.

Similarly, Job as a toddler doesn't seem to be very afflicted with ugly yet. These two kids appear to be a waste of space so far. :P

Rose who is a Fortune sim has finally rolled a few family wants to train Kermit in his toddler skills.

It's heart-warming to watch. I have really liked Rose. She has been a pleasant, easy to please sim who is good at taking care of herself. As a matter of fact, I love her because I could ignore her almost all the time. Too bad her life bar is so full now, because I will actually almost miss her.

Sandy and Marisa have not been so easy to keep happy, however. They are both high-maintenance - always wanting things they can't have.

Sandy does not seem like the type to be a Mad Scientist, does she? I would have changed her job, but I was too lazy.

I don't mind the $55,000 chance card, though. The answer was green this time in case you're wondering.

Speaking of green, there's a lot of it in this picture. Ackerley really loves his Rose. Come to think of it, it makes sense that her name is Rose in light of him being a plantsim.

And now it is time to say good-bye to Rose. BTW in case you're wondering, Bill Door is the name of Death in the book Reaper Man by one of my favorite authors, Terry Pratchett.

But Rose is excited to be going somewhere finally. She always had a vacation in her wants panel. Even though the family owns 3 vacation homes, she has only been able to go on one vacation. Poor Ackerley looks like he is wilting from sadness.

Although nothing perks up a sim like looking at a "Best of the Best" award. :P

Of course the phone kept ringing during the entirety of Rose's passing moments. The phone was for her, of course. Calling back later won't make her undead, lady.

And now that there is one empty space in the Thayer house, it is time for another baby.

This time it is a contest between the two couples to see which one can fill the empty slot. ;) They are trying for baby at the exact same time.

So guess who won the baby lottery?

Ackerley gives a gift to Fulton after passing on the business perks. It is full of produce, LOL.

"Son, don't tell your brother, but you have always been my favorite, and I really hope you will be heir."

He also passes on business perks and produce to Garridan, who appears to be afraid he is receiving a bomb.

"Son, don't tell your brother, but you have always been my favorite, and I really hope you will be heir."

Secretly, Ackerley thinks both his sons who are vying for heir are doofuses. He doesn't really care who is heir, he's just worried about who will care for the children when he is gone. Neither of his sons or daughters-in-law are competent parents in his opinion.

Time for Kermit to become a child.

Other than wearing green, he still has no frog-like qualities.

Let's see if Job will become afflicted.

No, he isn't very ugly yet. Darn.

And now finally the ugly twins have aged to a ripe old age...

Yep, still ugly - perhaps a bit more so now that they are elders.

And now for retirement so I don't have to really care about you anymore.

Same for Garridan.

Headmaster time again, this time to get Kermit and Job in. I get so tired of doing these, but at least it usually goes well.

And finally another baby. This time we actually got a girl. Her name is Leah, which means weary. I'm getting weary of kids that aren't ugly. Please be an ugly girl, Leah.

Speaking of weary, this chapter is coming to a weary end. Has Marisa become weary of living, or is she just stupidly hungry for cake? Maybe she assumes that this is some early birthday cake since she is a couple of days from elder. Tune in next time when you may find out... stuff, such as how much longer this heir contest can go. You may just be surprised/more annoyed with me. ;)


ASimWen said...

IAGO! IAGO! IAGO! I like him the best so far. Uhhh...can he be heir?? hehehe I am finding this story to be quite entertaining! Thanks!

Bubbs said...

Are you killing Marissa? NO!! sniffle right after Rose's death also! The newest boys aren't that bad looking...hmmm, I think you need to find uglier women to breed with.

I can't wait to see how the younger two turn out!

Kerry said...

LOL--I guess asimwen and I are just destined to be in opposition--I think Hanley is definitely uglier than Iago. I loved your choice of names for the last three children. I am eager for a vote....

Melissa said...

I agree that Kermit and Job are not nearly ugly enough for this Uglacy. Hmmmm. Iago or Hanley ... that's a tough choice. Can't wait for your poll.

SassyTeffie said...

I vote for Iago!

batsmeg said...

Hanley! With that sideways jaw and distorted mouth!

ASimWen said...

Are we gonna see anymore of Meadow Thayer's UGG Legacy??

Twoflower said...

Sorry, Wen. I know I should have finished my blog by at least explaining that my neighborhood blew up. It was user error - I overwrote the neighborhood when trying to fix it. My mistake was caused by having games on different XP accounts, and then trying to use BaseGameStarter from MTS2. I could have still extracted the sims with SimPE and built a new neighborhood, but it just wouldn't have been the same. I was so bummed.

Anonymous said...

thank you for you to make me learn more,thank you∩0∩