Monday, October 20, 2014

Indefinite Hiatus

I know it's probably pretty obvious at this point, but my interest in the UGG Legacy has waned.  I'm not going to delete it because I always get very attached to my sim families - even the hideous ones, LOL.  But I think they have probably gotten about as ugly as they can without cheating.  I am probably finished with them.

Another factor in my decision to quit is that I don't enjoy playing Legacy style nearly as much as a neighborhood in rotation - like a Prosperity style challenge.  I tend to get really bored with Legacies.  I have only finished one - an Apocalypse challenge that I finished but never blogged.

But I may one day come back and play this one again and blog it, as unlikely as it seems to me now.  I just hate that I left this challenge dormant for so long with no explanation.  So now I have a feeling of closure with this one.  Thank you for reading.

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